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Atteins de nouveaux sommets avec l’Atmosphère ! Pas besoin de télécommande, l’Atmosphère détecte ta main et vole au dessus ! Grâce à sa forme sphérique, elle peut rebondir contre les obstacles ! Avec l’Atmosphère, la télécommande c’est toi !

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  • • Livré avec son support chargeur
  • • Facile à utiliser et à recharger
  • • Rebondit sur les murs et le plafond





“Kids will like the technology that allows them to control the AtmoSphere with their hands. Its spherical shape allows it to smoothly bounce off walls and ceilings for non-stop flight. Complete with a palm-sized charging cradle, the AtmoSphere is easy to use and recharge.”


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“Flight takes on a new shape with the Air Hogs RC Atmosphere. As its name suggests, the new flyer from Spin Master trades typical toy airplane designs for a unique, spherical form.”

Jordan Minor,

PC Mag

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Trucs et astuces


Learn how to get the best flights with your Air Hogs Atmosphere! This video Includes help with setup, charging, launching, and some extra tips.


Keep your fingers and all other objects out of the Atmosphere. You risk damaging the propeller and/or fly bar if they come into contact with an object while spinning.


The charging base can also be used to deactivate your Atmosphere if it ever gets out of control. Keep the charge base nearby (or in your other hand) when playing with the Atmosphere so that you can deactivate it quickly if needed. Deactivating a runaway Atmosphere will keep it from flying into objects and damaging it.


When handling the Atmosphere, always hold it from the bottom and avoid using excessive force. Bending the protective cage on your Atmosphere can damage the propellers and fly bar and can affect flight performance.

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Cet avion est gigantesque et vole sur de grandes distances !

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